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Bergen, Norway

The city Bergen in the county of Hordaland, Norway, has 211,326 inhabitants as of January 1, 2003.

Bergen is the second largest city of Norway. It is situated in the west of Norway, between the seven mountains, according to folklore.

Founded as a city by Olav Kyrre in 1070 AD and considered to be Norway's capital until 1299, Bergen toward the end of the thirteenth century became one of the Hanseatic League's four most important cities. The trading activities and administration was located at the bay that forms the centre of Bergen, and the continuous quayside buildings of Bryggen are now on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Bergen is renowned for its plentiful rainfall, having a Rain festival once a year in October with a Raincoat and Umbrella parade. There are vending machines for Umbrellas on some streets.

The local football team, S.K. Brann, plays in the Norwegian premier league (2004).

Ole Borneman Bull was born in Bergen in 1810.

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