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List of historical national capitals

In this list are cities that once were national capitals, but now are not any more. That can be because the country ceased to exist, the capital moved, or the capital was renamed. Sorted on country and date.

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Former capital cityCountry, empireSinceUntilChange, reason

Melbourne/SydneyAustralia19011908alternated as capitals until Canberra became ready
St. GeorgeBermuda (Brit.) 1815moved to Hamilton
Salvador da BaíaBrazil (Portuguese) 1763moved to Rio de Janeiro
Rio de JaneiroBrazil 1960moved to Brasilia
Belize CityBritish Honduras 1970 moved to Belmopan
KingstonCanada18411843moved to Montreal
Montreal Canada18431849moved to Toronto
TorontoCanada18491859moved to Quebec City
Quebec CityCanada18591865moved to Ottawa
Chan Santa CruzChan Santa Cruzc.18521901became part of Mexico

Datong China (Northern Wei Dynasty) 493 moved to Luoyang
Nanjing China (Ming Dynasty)  15th century moved to Beijing by Yongle
Anyang China see: Capital of China
Chongqing City

LéopoldvilleCongo, Democratic Republic of the19601966renamed Kinshasa
Large-BassamCôte d'Ivoire18931900moved to Bingerville
BingervilleCôte d'Ivoire19001933moved to Abidjan
AbidjanCôte d'Ivoire19331983moved to Yamoussoukro
Ciudad Trujillo Dominican Republic 19301961renamed Santo Domingo after the death of Trujillo
WinchesterEngland3rd century?9th centurymoved to London
LavukaFiji (Brit.)   moved to Suva
BonnGermany19491994moved to Berlin
Cape CoastGold Coast (Brit.) 1877moved to Accra
NafplionGreece18211836moved to Athens
LahainaHawaii (Hawaiian monarchy) 1840moved to Honolulu
CalcuttaIndia (British) 1912moved to New Delhi
TorinoItaly, Kingdom of18611865moved to Florence
FlorenceItaly, Kingdom of18651871moved to Rome
Heijo-kyo (Nara)Japan (Nara period) 784 
KyotoJapan 1868moved to Tokyo
Alma-AttaKazakhstan19921993renamed Almaty
Almaty (Alma-Atta)Kazakhstan19931998moved to Astana
JerusalemKingdom of Jerusalem10991187moved to Acre (Jerusalem captured by Saladin)
AcreKingdom of Jerusalem11871291Kingdom ceases to exist
IaşiMoldavia1862unified with Wallachia to form Romania
CetinjeMontenegro  1946moved to Podgorica
AucklandNew Zealand 1865moved to Wellington
LagosNigeria 1991moved to Abuja
BergenNorway (medieval) 1299moved to Oslo
ChristianaNorway 1924renamed Oslo
KarachiPakistan 1967moved to Islamabad
Quezon CityPhilippines19481976moved to Manila
KruszwicaPoland9th centurymoved to Gniezno
GnieznoPoland9th century10th centurymoved to Poznan
PoznanPoland10th century1038moved to Krakow
KrakowPoland10381079moved to Plock
PlockPoland10791138moved to Krakow
KrakowPoland11381596moved to Warsaw
GuimarãesPortugal, Kingdom of  1255 
Saint PetersburgRussian empire 1914renamed Petrograd
PetrogradRussia 1918moved to Moscow
DariyahSaudi state 1818moved to Riyadh
TulaghiSolomon Islands   moved to Honiara

ValladolidSpain16001606moved to Madrid

Columbia, TexasRepublic of Texas18361837moved to Houston, Texas
Houston, TexasRepublic of Texas1837 1839moved to Austin, Texas
Austin, TexasRepublic of Texas18391845Texas annexed by United States

New York CityUnited States17851790moved to Philadelphia
PhiladelphiaUnited States17901800moved to Washington, DC
BursaOttoman empire13351365moved to Edirne
EdirneOttoman empire13651453moved to Constantinople (Istanbul)
ConstantinopleOttoman empire14531923country ceased to exist
Port-of-SpainWest Indies Federation19581962country ceased to exist
TârgovişteWallachia1698moved to Bucharest
CâmpulungWallachia13th century15th centurymoved to Târgovişte
MéridaYucatán18401847reunited with Mexico