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Frankfurt International Airport

Frankfurt International Airport is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and is the largest airport in Germany and the second-largest in Europe. The IATA Airport Code is FRA.

Frankfurt International is a hub of Lufthansa, the German flag carrier.

Frankfurt International is an oversaturated airport, so Lufthansa tends to divide the traffic between Frankfurt and Munich's Franz Josef Strauß International Airport when possible.

Frankfurt International currently serves more destinations than London's Heathrow International Airport, but Frankfurt International is still in second place compared to Heathrow International in terms of traffic and arrivals and departures.

Paris' Charles de Gaulle International Airport may take Frankfurt International's 2nd Place spot, since that airport is rapidly growing.

Frankfurt International has 5 Terminals or Halls.

Table of contents
1 Hall 1A
2 Hall 1B
3 Hall 1C
4 Hall 2D
5 Hall 2E
6 Rail service

Hall 1A

Hall 1B

Hall 1C

Hall 2D

Hall 2E

Rail service

Deutsche Bahn, a German Rail Line, operates the AiRail Service in conjunction with Lufthansa, American Airlines, and Emirates.

The service operates to Bonn Rail Station in Bonn, Cologne Rail Statio in Cologne, Düsseldorf Rail Station in Düsseldorf, Freiburg Rail Station in Freiburg, Hamburg Rail Station in Hamburg, Hanover Rail Station in Hanover, Mannheim Rail Station in Mannheim, HBF Railway Station in Munich, Nuremburg Rail Station in Nuremburg, and Hauptbahnhof Rail Station in Stuttgart, Germany.

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