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Jat Airways

Jat Airways is the national airline carrier of Serbia and Montenegro and ranks as the 16th oldest European airline.

It was first founded in 1927 as Aeroput, its name changed in 1947 to Jugoslovenski Aero-Transport and simply Jat Airways in January of 2003.

On 26 January 1972, JAT Yugoslav Flight 364 crashed in Czechoslovakia, leaving one flight attendant as the only survivor of the flight. This was the airline's only fatal incident.

Its current fleet includes:

Jat Airways serviced its millionth passanger on a local October 20th, 2003 flight. By 2004, Jat Airways is expecting to fully replace its ageing fleet, first to go are the noisy Boeing 727s that will be replaced by Boeing 737s (two more by April of 2004).

It also plans to establish a charter company called Interlink that is set to cover a large portion of Southeastern Europe including Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, FYROM, Albania and Bulgaria i.e. all major traffic bounded between Trieste, Salonica, Sofia, Bucharest and Budapest.

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