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Corsair (airline)

Corsair is a private French airline that operates internationally. Despite common belief, Corsair is not the main airline of Corsica (many people associate Corsair as being formed from the words Corse + Air, Corse being the French word for Corsica).

Corsair is owned and operated by Nouvelles Frontières, a French tour operator. It has a small number of domestic routes as well as many charter-type flights, or schedules services to resort areas. Destinations include: Abidjan, Bangkok, Djibouti, Lome, Los Angeles, Oakland, Nouméa, Papeete, Cayenne, Fort de France, Pointe-à-Pitre and Saint Martin. In Europe and Northern Africa, the following destinations are served: Athens, Ankara, Cairo, Cork, Dublin, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Izmir, Lisbon, London, Marrakech, Rome, Tel Aviv, Tunis and Venice.

The hub airport of Corsair is Paris Orly Airport.

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