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Adria Airways

Adria Airways is the flag carrier of Slovenia. Its IATA designator is JP.

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Adria Airways was established in 1960 with a McDonnell-Douglas DC-6 on charter work. Later, extra DC-6 were bought from KLM. In 1968, the company changed its name to Inex-Adria and introduced its first jet type, the McDonnell-Douglas DC-9. In early 1980s, Inex-Adria introduced its first scheduled flights and purchased McDonnell-Douglas MD-80. Its fleet was mostly employed in charter work throughout Europe.

By late 1980s, the company changed its name back to Adria and purchased several Airbuses A320. With the break-up of Yugoslavia, Adria Airways attained the role of Slovenia's flag carrier. Today, Adria's scheduled and charter flights link Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, with 40 destinations in 17 countries, mostly in Europe. Adria has its head office in Ljubljana and has representative offices in 11 European countries.


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