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Biman Bangladesh

Biman Bangladesh is the national airline of Bangladesh. The airline has an international route that reaches many Asian parts, Europe and New York City. The airline is part of the Bangladesh Biman Corporation.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines
McDonnell Douglas DC-10

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Biman Bangladesh started to fly in 1972, when a DC-3 that had seen action at the World War II was given to the company as a present by the Bangladesh Air Force. Soon after, a Boeing 707 and Fokker F-27 planes joined the airline's fleet, allowing Biman to establish international flights.

In 1983, Biman acquired DC-10 aircraft, and throught the years, other planes such as the Airbus A310, Fokker F-28 and British Aerospace ATP's were incorporated. On January 31, 2003, the airline received 2 Boeing 737s.



Dark green and red cheatlines on a white fuselage, with the name Biman Bangladesh written in green, in
English on one side and Bengali on the other. The name is located across the front part of the fuselage. A Bangladesh flag is next to the name. The logo of a white bird flying inside an red circle is located at the tail, with dark green and red lines above and below the red circle.


Biman flies many domestic routes within Bangladesh. International destinations include cities in India, Pakistan, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City.