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The fourth letter of the Latin alphabet. The Semitic letter DÔlet probably developed from the logogram for a fish or a door. In Semitic, Ancient Greek (Modern Greek /­/) and Latin the letter was pronounced /d/, in the Etruscan alphabet the letter was superfluous but still maintained (see letter B). Greek letter: &Delta (capital) or δ (small) (Delta). Delta represents the letter D in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

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In Cantonese, the sound /d/ means a little bit, from the ancient use of the character 的 (in the phrase "兀的") in Chinese written language. Since 的 is no longer used in this way, Hong King residents invented a new character 啲 (which is not supported in many Chinese systems), or simply write D instead.

In context, D is also:

Two-letter combinations starting with D:

Words beginning with the letter D, suitable for teaching children the alphabet

  • Daddy
  • daisy
  • dance
  • Denmark
  • Dennis
  • derby
  • Dilly-Bar
  • dimple
  • dinner
  • dirty
  • disco
  • dish
  • do re mi
  • dolly
  • Donald Duck
  • donkey
  • donut
  • door
  • Doris
  • dragon
  • drink
  • dukeluke
  • dusty\n