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P is the 16th letter of the Latin alphabet.

Semitic PÍ (mouth) as well as Greek Π or π (Pi) and the Etruscan and Latin letters that developed from the former alphabet all symbolized /p/, a plosive, unvoiced consonant. Those who speak Arabic usually have difficulty pronouncing this sound; they pronounce like b instead.

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Papa represents the letter P in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

P is also:

Two-letter combinations starting with P:

Words beginning with the letter P, suitable for teaching children the alphabet

  • palace
  • paper
  • parrot
  • Patty
  • Paul
  • pea
  • peach
  • pencil
  • penguin
  • Pennsylvania
  • people
  • peppermint
  • Peter Pan
  • photograph
  • pin
  • pink
  • planet
  • plate
  • please
  • pony
  • potato
  • princess
  • principal
  • Psalm
  • pumpkin
  • purple
  • purr