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The thirteenth letter of the Latin alphabet, M, represents the bilabial nasal consonant sound [m] in Classical languages as well as the modern languages. It derives its shape from the Greek &Mu or &mu. Semitic Mem originally pictured water, in all probability.

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Mike represents the letter M in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

In context, M is also:

Two-letter combinations starting with M:

Words beginning with the letter M, suitable for teaching children the alphabet

  • magic
  • make-believe
  • man
  • marble
  • Mary
  • me
  • melody
  • melon
  • mermaid
  • merry-go-round
  • Mexico
  • Michael
  • Mickey Mouse
  • microwave
  • milk
  • mommy
  • monkey
  • monster
  • morning
  • motorcar
  • mouse
  • music
  • M is also the name of the artist that performed the song "Pop Muzik".