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Chiang Kai-shek International Airport

Chiang Kai-shek International Airport (中正國際航空站, pinyin: Zhōngzhng Gojī Hngkōngzhn) is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Republic of China and is one of two airports that serve Taipei. The other is Sungshan Domestic Airport, which is within the city limits and formerly served Taipei as its international airport before CKS's construction.

Chiang Kai-shek International Airport is a major hub for China Airlines and EVA Air, and has the IATA Airport Code TPE. It is also one of two international airports on Taiwan, and is by far the busiest international air entry point into Taiwan.

The airport is named after former President of the Republic of China Chiang Kai-shek. The airport's name is referred to in Chinese as Chung-cheng (Zhongzheng), his given name at birth, without his surname. In a situation which is similar to Ronald Reagan-Washington National Airport, local officials in Taoyuan and other members of the pan-Green coalition often refer to it as the Taoyuan International Airport.

If Project Bojinka had not been discovered after a fire in Manila, Philippines, one or more aircraft owned by a U.S carrier/s in this airport would have blown up over the Pacific Ocean on January 21, 1995 as part of the project's first phase.

On October 31, 2000, Singapore Airlines Flight 6, which was on a Changi International Airport,Singapore-Taipei-Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles route crashed upon takeoff from Taipei.

In May 25, 2002, China Airlines Flight 611 broke up in midflight on the way to Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong from Chiang Kai Shek Airport. All of the passengers on board perished.

The airport has two terminals.

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