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Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Opened on June 16, 1941, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia is the closest commercial airport to Washington, D.C Its IATA Airport Code is DCA.

In 1998, the airport's name was changed from Washington National Airport to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Its original name remains on the stone façade of the main terminal, and it is still widely known as "National Airport".

Because of limited gate availability and local noise limitations, almost all flights are to destinations within 2000 km (1250 miles). Notable are the US Airways Shuttle and Delta Shuttle hourly flights to New York City and Boston, which are a favorite of federal officials and of those who have business with the federal government.

Prior to the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks, the airport had 792 scheduled commercial flights a day. After the attacks the airport was closed for several weeks, and additional security procedures remain in place for flights into and out of DCA.

The old Terminal A is currently being renovated and has only nine gates. Terminal B/C, opened in 1997 has thirty-five gates with check-in and baggage claim.

Reagan National was built by the federal government on mudflats alongside the Potomac River at Gravelly Point, 7 km (4½ miles) south of Washington, D.C. It replaced Washington-Hoover Airport, which was located near the present-day Pentagon and had a single runway intersected by a local street. Guards had to stop auto traffic during takeoffs and landings.

The federal government relinquished control of National as well as Washington Dulles International Airport in 1987, when President Ronald Reagan signed the bill that created the independent Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

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National Airport has a metro stop, on the yellow and blue lines.

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