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Mandarin Airlines

Mandarin Airlines is a subsidary of the China Airlines, established on June 1, 1991 and was originally a joint venture of China Airlines and the Koos Group. On October 16, 1991, shortly after its inception, Mandarin Airlines started direct flights from Taipei to Australia's Sydney. The next step was the opening of a direct air route to Canada's Vancouver on December 7. Thus, Mandarin Airlines became Taiwan's first airline to fly direct to Australia and Canada. The China Trust Group pulled out their investment in Mandarin Airline on October 31, 1992, turning the airline into a company wholly owned by China Airlines.

Mandarin Airlines employs 623 employees (as of October 10, 2003).

Accident Record Mandarin Airlines Flight 642 flew from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok, Thailand to Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong crashed during final flare. 3 passengers died.

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