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Changi International Airport

Changi International Airport in the city and State of Singapore is one of the largest aviation facilities in Asia. Changi Airport is located in Changi, Singapore, and uses the IATA code SIN.

Changi International Airport is the home base of Singapore Airlines, and many large jets and other types of planes owned by several international airlines operate there round the clock.

The airport had been known for its excellent services and good security, receiving a total of six awards within a short span of one month in 2003. The latest of these was the "Best Airport Award" from the Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper. This is the 6th consecutive year Changi Airport has received the award.

On 23 September 2003, Changi Airport also received two awards, namely "Best Airport Worldwide" for the 16th consecutive year and "Best Airport for Duty-free Shopping" for the 4th time from the UK/Europe edition of the Business Traveller magazine.

On 19 September 2003, Changi Airport was voted "World's Best Airport" and "Best Airport Duty-Free In The World" in a poll conducted by the Asia Pacific edition of the Business Traveller magazine.

On 16 September 2003, Changi Airport was named "Top Overseas Airport" by the UK-based Wanderlust magazine for the 3rd time.

With these latest awards, Changi Airport garnered a total of 12 awards in 2003 Singapore Airline'known for its 'Singapore Girl' which is a national symbol because of Singapore Airline's friendly staff and excellent services.

Changi International Airport has two terminals connected by a people-mover, with a third under construction. Terminal 1 is directly accessible via the MRT's Changi Airport station.

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