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Westrobothnia, or Västerbotten, is a historical Province or landskap in the north of Sweden. It borders to Angermannia, Lapponia, Ostrobothnia and the Gulf of Bothnia, until early 20th century. Northern Westrobothnia, is on occasion considered to be a separate traditional province called Norrbotten.

Administration in Sweden Västerbotten County
Norrbotten County
Administration in Finland Lapland Province
Area43,000 km²
Provincial flower
- Swedish
- Latin

- Kung Karls spira
- Pedicularis Sceptrum-carolinum
Provincial animalCurlew
Provincial fishLamprey

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For current affairs see: Västerbotten County, Norrbotten County, and Lapland Province

The southern part of Westrobothnia (15,093 km²) makes up the eastern part of the Västerbotten County. The northern part, sometimes known simply as Norrbotten, is located in the Norrbotten County and the Finnish part is located in the administrative province of Lapland.


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Chartered Cities before 1971:

Following the Finnish War in 1809 the province of Westrobothnia was separated into a Swedish and a Finnish part. The main part of the province of Westrobothnia which remained within Swedish borders was divided upon Västerbotten County and Norrbotten County. Luleå, Piteå, Haparanda and Boden are located in Norrbotten County.


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The etymology of Västerbotten is literally Western Bothnia, as in West of the Gulf of Bothnia. Gustav Adolf (1906-1947), the father of Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, was Duke of Westrobothnia.


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On January 18, 1884 all provinces gained the rights to the rank of duchy and the arms can be represented with a dukal coronet. Blazon: "Azure Seme of Mullets Or a Reindeer in full course Argent attired and hoofed Gules."

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