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Umeå is a City and a Municipality in Västerbotten County, in northern Sweden. The municipality covers an area of 2,316.5 km². Out of q total population of 107,845, 53,503 are male, and 54,342 are female. The population density of the community is 46 inhabitants per km².

Umeå is located some 600 km north of Stockholm. It is the largest Swedish City north of Uppsala, and sometimes referred to as the regional centre of Norrland. Umeå University, with has about 25,000 students is located there, as is a large hospital serving the region.

Since the establishnment of th university in the mid 1960s Umeå has grown from about 50,000 inhabitants to today's 100,000. The expansion continues and it has made Umeå a modern, somewhat intellectual town in contrast to the more industrialised ones surrounding it.

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