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Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

Carl XVI Gustaf
ReignSeptember 15, 1973 - Present
AccessionSeptember 19, 1973
Royal motto "För Sverige i tiden"
("For Sweden - With the times")
QueenSilvia Sommerlath
Royal HouseBernadotte
PredecessorGustav VI Adolf of Sweden
Heir ApparentVictoria, Crown Princess of Sweden
Date of BirthApril 30, 1946
Place of Birth-

Carl XVI Gustaf, Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus Bernadotte, (born April 30, 1946), King of Sweden, is the son of Prince Gustav Adolf of Sweden (1906-1947) and Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1908-1972), and the grandson of King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden. He acceded to the throne as Swedish monarch, on September 19, 1973, but the constitutional reform in 1974, stripped him of virtually all formal powers and the office was reduced to a mere constitutional head of state. His namesday on January 28 and the birthday on April 30 are official flag days.

He married Silvia Sommerlath on June 19, 1976.


  1. Princess Victoria, Duchess of Västergötland (1977- )
  2. Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland (1979-)
  3. Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland (1982-)

Prince Carl Philip was born heir apparent in 1979, however enacted constitutional reform awaiting promulgation created his older sister, Victoria, heir on January 1, 1980, according to the principles of full cognatic primogeniture.

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Preceded by:
Gustav VI
List of Swedish monarchs Heir Apparent:
Crown Princess Victoria