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Norrland is a historical land of Sweden. To the west it represents the northern half of Sweden bounded to the south by Svealand and to the east it represents the northern half of Finland bounded to the south by Österland.


Norrland was made up of the following nine provinces:

In the 20th century the northern part of Westrobothnia occasionally came to be regarded as a separate traditional province:


As the Swedish kingdom expanded north both on the western (Swedish) side and the eastern (Finnish) side of the Gulf of Bothnia the territories uncovered were organised into provinces. At the Treaty of Roskilde (1658) Norway ceded Jemtia and Herdalia to Sweden and which were incorporated as provinces. Upon the separation of Sweden and Finland in 1809 Norrland was split in two parts, leaving all of Ostrobothnia, and the eastern parts of Lapponia and Westrobothnia to the Grand Duchy of Finland, as a part of the Russian Empire.

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