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Subdivisions of England

For local government purposes, England is divided into three types of areas - non-unitary authorities, Unitary Authorities, and London boroughs.

Non-unitary authorities are administrative counties that are subdivided into a number of districts, which have district councils. Unitary Authorities are either administrative counties consisting of a single district, or districts of a county with no county council. The council of a Unitary Authorities are refered to as "district council", unless it converges with a borough, city, or historic county (in the cases of Rutland and Herefordshire), in which case it is called a "borough council", "city council" or "county council".

Greater London has no county council; the 32 borough councils are the highest authority, although the Greater London Authority exists to coordinate their activities.

England is also divided into governmental regions: Greater London, South East England, South West England, East of England, East Midlands, West Midlands, North West England, Yorkshire and the Humber and North East England.

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This is a list of areas with a council with no council above them. It is ordered according to legal definition: counties with county councils; the three types of unitary authorities: counties without county councils, metropolitan districts, non-metropolitan districts; and London Boroughs.

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Administrative counties with County Councils

Unitary Authorities

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Unitary Authority

Administrative counties

These are defined as legal counties with one district and no county council.

Metroplitan districts

These are defined as districts of a metropolitan county, which has had its county council abolished.

Non-metropolitan districts

These are districts of a non-metropolitan county (Berkshire) which has had its county council abolished.

London Boroughs

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London Boroughs


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