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Norwegian railway system

4,058 km, all standard gauge (1.435m). 2,513 km electrified; 201 km double track. 696 tunnels; 2760 bridges. (2003)

Jernbaneverket is a state owned company which build and maintain all railway tracks, while other companies operates them. These companies include: NSB, CargoNet AS, Flytoget, Ofotbanen

Formerly there has also been private railways, but all of these were either abandoned or overtaken by NSB/Jernbaneverket.

The line from Kirkenes to Bjørnevatn used to be the northernmost railway in the world, however it was closed down in 1997. Still, Narvik is one of the northernmost towns in the world to have a railway connection (Ofotbanen). It connects to Kiruna, Sweden, but not to Bodø, the northern terminus of the norwegian railway network.

Operational railways

Abandoned railways