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The town Arendal in the county of Aust-Agder, Norway, has 39,554 inhabitants as of January 1, 2002. It is the administrative center of Aust-Agder county.

In the end of the 19th century Arendal was a major shipping centre with many wealthy shipowners. Today the town has small boat manufacturing, mechanical industry, electronics industry as well as one of the worlds largest silicon carbide refining plants.

Sam Eyde who founded among other thing the international companies Norsk Hydro and Elkem was born in Arendal. He also founded an aluminium smelter and a silicon carbide plant in Eydehavn (the place is named after him) 10 km east of the centre of Arendal.

Arendal has the best weather in Norway and a lovely coastline with many small islands. It is a popular tourist town and has a lively evening life in summer.

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