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Medelpadia, or Medelpad, is a historical Province or landskap in north of Sweden. It borders to Helsingia, Herdalia, Jemtia, Angermannia and the Gulf of Bothnia.

County Västernorrland County
Area7,058 km²
Provincial plant
- Swedish
- Latin
- Gran
- Picea Abies
Provincial animalAlpine hare
Provincial birdSmall crossbill
Provincial fishPerch

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For current affairs see: Västernorrland County

Medelpadia comprises the southern part of Västernorrland County.


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Sundsvall (1624) was the only chartered city of Medelpadia.


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The province is a part of Norrland and as such considered to be Northern Sweden. Though, in a geographical sense the province is located in the middle of Sweden and this is reflected in the name Medelpadia.


Main article: Heraldry of Medelpadia

As with other Swedish provinces the arms can be represented showing a dukal coronet. Blazon: "Four times parted per fess wavy, Azure, Argent, Gules, Argent and Azure."

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