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Svealand is a historical land, and a separate kingdom, from the time before the unification of Sweden. Geographically it is located in middle Sweden, bounded to the north by Norrland and to the south of Götaland. The inhabitants were called Svear.


Svealand is made up of the following six provinces:


crusade started by the kings of Svealand in the east during the 12th century eventually lead to the conquest of the provinces of Österland, an older name for Finland.

In the early 19th century the province of Wermelandia did for a time belong to the Court of Appeal for Svealand. Even though Värmland historically belongs to Götaland, it is by custom, since that time, counted to Svealand.

Roslagen and Bergslagen are the names two informal regions in Svealand.

The name of Sweden in Swedish, Svea rike (current spelling: Sverige) or the Realm of the Svear is based on an anology to Svealand. Other forms are Svitjod, and Sweorice.

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