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Herdalia, or Härjedalen, is a historical province or landskap in the north of Sweden. It borders to Dalecarlia, Helsingia, Medelpadia, Jemtia and to Norway. There is also a Municipality of Härjedalen.

County Jämtland
Area11,405 km²
Provincial flower
- Swedish
- Latin
Arctic violet
- Mosippa
- Pulsatilla Vernalis
Provincial animalBear
Provincial birdGolden eagle
Provincial fishGrayling

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For current affairs see: County of Jämtland

The province of Herdalia makes up the southern part of the County of Jämtland.


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The legend has it that province is named after a powerful but lawless man named "Härje", who escaped the arm of the law of the Norwegian king by settling in the remote valley. The name Härjedalen literally means the "Valley of Härje". The province was ceded to Sweden by Denmark-Norway in the Treaty of Roskilde, 1658.


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The arms is represented with a dukal coronet. Blazon: "Argent a Sledgehammer Sable with Core Gules between Tongs of the second and two Hammers adorsed in pale of the second handled Gules."

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