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List of Titles and Honours of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

This is a list of awards, decorations, honours, orders and titles belonging to Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. If a single date is listed in the Dates column, then it is the date of the attaining of the award or title. If two are listed, then the first indicates the date of the attaining of the award or title, and the second indicates the date of its loss. (Many titles were lost when colonies became independent states. Others were lost when the Queen ascended to the throne, and took higher titles.)

Table of contents
1 Royal Titles
2 Former Royal Titles
3 Commonwealth Honours
4 Foreign Honours
5 Honourary Military Positions
6 Non-National Titles and Honours
7 Academic Titles and Honours
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Royal Titles

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's current titles in each of her realms are:

Former Royal Titles

Elizabeth II also held the following titles at various times in her reign:

1Although she was recognized as Queen of Rhodesia by the Rhodesian government, she never accepted or exercised the office for the five years between the Rhodesian declaration of independence and the proclamation of the Republic of Rhodesia in 1970.

Commonwealth Honours

{| border = 1 |-bgcolor=cccccc !Country!!Award or Order!!Class or Position!!Dates |- |United Kingdom||
George VI Royal Family Order||First Class||1937
1952 |- |United Kingdom ||Order of the Garter||Lady||1947
1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Privy Counsellor||-||1951
1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Imperial Order of the Crown of India||Member||1951
1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem||Dame Grand Cross||1951
1952 |- |Canada ||Canadian Forces Decoration||-||1951 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of the Garter||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of the Thistle||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of St Patrick||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of the Bath||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of Merit||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of the Star of India||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of St Michael and St George||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of the Indian Empire||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Royal Order of Victoria and Albert||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Imperial Order of the Crown of India||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Royal Victorian Order||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of the British Empire||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of the Companions of Honour||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Distinguished Service Order||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Imperial Service Order||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of British India||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Indian Order of Merit||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of Burma||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Royal Family Orders||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem||Sovereign||1952 |- | United Kingdom ||Order of Mercy||Sovereign||1952 |- | Pakistan ||Order of Pakistan||1st Class||1960 |- | Canada ||Order of Canada||Sovereign||1967 |- | Jamaica ||Order of the National Hero||Sovereign||1968 |- | Jamaica ||Order of Jamaica|| Sovereign ||1968 |- | Jamaica ||Order of Merit|| Sovereign ||1968 |- | Jamaica ||Order of Distinction|| Sovereign ||1968 |- |Singapore||Order of Temasek||1st Class||1972 |- |Malaysia||Order of the State Crown||-||1972 |- |Brunei||Royal Family Order||1st Class||1972 |- |Maldive Islands||Order of the Distinguished Leader||1st Class-Ghazi||1972 |- |Kenya||Order of the Golden Heart||-||1972 |- |Canada||Order of Military Merit||Sovereign||1972 |- |Jamaica||Order of the Nation||Sovereign||1973 |- |The Gambia||Order of the Republic of Gambia||Grand Commander||1974 |- |Australia||Order of Australia||Sovereign||1975 |- |New Zealand||Queen's Service Order||Sovereign||1975 |- |Malawi||Order of the Lion||Grand Commander||1979 |- |Botswana||Presidential Order||-||1979 |- |Barbados||Order of Barbados||Sovereign||1980 |- |St Lucia||Order of St Lucia||Sovereign||1980 |- |Solomon Islands||Order of the Star||-||1982 |- |Dominica||Award of Honour||-||1985 |- |Trinidad and Tobago||Trinity Cross||Gold||1985 |- |New Zealand||Order of New Zealand||Sovereign||1987 |- |Belize||Order of the National Hero||Sovereign||1991 |- |Belize||Order of Belize||Sovereign||1991 |- |Belize||Order of Distinction||Sovereign||1991 |- |Malta||Order of Merit||Companion of Honour||1992 |- |Brunei||Royal Family Order of the Crown of Brunei||-||1992 |- |South Africa||Order of Good Hope||Grand Cross in Gold||1995 |- |New Zealand||Order of Merit||Sovereign||1996 |- |St Christopher, Nevis
and Anguilla||Order of the National Hero||Grand Master||1997 |- |Antigua and Barbuda||Order of the National Hero||Sovereign||1998 |- |Antigua and Barbuda||Order of the Nation||Sovereign||1998 |- |Antigua and Barbuda||Order of Merit||Sovereign||1998 |- |Antigua and Barbuda||Order of Princely Heritage||Sovereign||1998 |- |Canada||Order of Merit of the Police Forces||Sovereign||2000 |}

Foreign Honours

{| border = 1 |-bgcolor=cccccc !Country!!Award or Order!!Class or Position!!Dates |- |Denmark||Order of the Elephant||Knight||1947 |- |Egypt||Decoration of al-Kamal||In Brilliants||1948 |- |France||Order of the Legion of Honour||Grand Cordon||1948 |- |Nepal||Order of Ojaswi Rajanya||-||1949 |- |The Netherlands||Order of the Netherlands Lion||Knight Grand Cross||1950 |- |Greece||Order of St Olga and St Sophia||1st Class||1950 |- |Jordan||Order of Hussein ibn' Ali||Collar||1950 |- |Sweden||Royal Order of the Seraphim||Knight||1953 |- |Panama||Order of Manuel Amador Guerrero||Gold Collor||1953 |- |Libya||Order of Idris I||Grand Cordan with Collar||1954 |- |Ethiopia||Order of Solomon||Grand Collar||1954 |- |Norway||Order of St Olav||Grand Cross with Collar||1955 |- |Portugal||Riband of the Three Orders||-||1955 |- |Iraq||Order of the Hashimites||-||1956 |- |Italy||Order of Merit||Grand Cordon with Collar||1958 |- |West Germany||Order of Merit||Grand Cross, Special Class||1958 |- |Iran||Order of Pahlavi||Grand Collar||1959 |- |Peru||Order of the Sun||Grand Cross in Brilliants||1960 |- |Argentina||Order of the Liberator General San Martin||Grand Collar||1960 |- |Thailand||Order of the House of Chakri||Knight with Collar||1960 |- |Nepal||Mahendra Chain||-||1961 |- |Tunisia||Order of Independence||Grand Cordon with Collar||1961 |- |Finland||Order of the White Rose||Grand Cross with Collar||1961 |- |Mali||National Order||Grand Cordon||1961 |- |Senegal||Order of the Lion||Grand Cordon||1961 |- |Liberia||Order of the Pioneers of the Republic||Knight Grand Band||1961 |- |Côte d'Ivoire||Order of the Ivory Coast||Grand Cordon||1962 |- |Liberia||Order of the Star of Africa||Knight Grand Band||1962 |- |Japan||Order of the Chrysanthemum||Collar||1962 |- |Cameroon||Order of Valour||Grand Cordon||1963 |- |Belgium||Order of Leopold||Grand Cross||1963 |- |Greece||Order of the Redeemer||Grand Cross||1963 |- |Iceland||Order of the Icelandic Falcon||Grand Cross with Collar||[[1963 |- |Sudan||Chain of Honour||-||1964 |- |Chile||Order of Merit||Grand Collar||1965 |- |Austria||Decoration of Honour for Merit||Grand Star||1966 |- |Brazil||Order of the Southern Cross||Grand Collar||1968 |- |Niger||National Order||Grand Cordon||1969 |- |Abu Dhabi||Order of Al-Nahayyan||1st Class||1969 |- |Gabon||Order of the Equatorial Star||Grand Cordon||1970 |- |Afghanistan||Order of the Supreme Sun||-||1971 |- |Luxembourg||Order of the Golden Lion of the House of Nassau||Knight||1972 |- |Yugoslavia||Order of the Yugoslavian Grand Star||-||1972 |- |Mexico||National Order of the Aztec Eagle||Grand Collar||1973 |- |Zaire||Order of the Leopard||Grand Cordon||1973 |- |Indonesia||Star of Anapurna||1st Class||1974 |- |Egypt||Order of the Nile||Grand Collar||1975 |- |Portugal||Military Order of St James of the Sword||Grand Collar||1978 |- |Kuwait||Order of Mubarak the Great||Collar||1979 |- |Bahrain||Order of al-Khalifa||Collar||1979 |- |Saudi Arabia||Badr Chain||-||1979 |- |Qatar||Collar of Independence||-||1979 |- |Oman||Order of Oman||Superior Class||1979 |- |Tunisia||Order of the Republic||Grand Collar||1980 |- |Morocco||Order of Muhammad||Grand Collar||1980 |- |Oman||Order of Said||-||1982 |- |Spain||Order of Carlos III||Grand Cross with Collar||1986 |- |South Korea||Order of Nungunghwa||-||1986 |- |Spain||Order of the Golden Fleece||Knight||1988 |- |NIgeria||Order of the Federal Republic||Grand Cordon||1989 |- |The UAE||Collar of the Federation||-||1989 |- |Poland||Order of Merit||Grand Cross||1991 |- |Hungary||Order of Merit||Grand Cross||1991 |- |Portugal||Military Order of the Tower and Sword||Grand Collar||1993 |- |Colombia||Order of the Cross of Boyaca||Grand Collar||1993 |- |Kuwait||Order of Kuwait||Special Class||1995 |- |Poland||Order of the White Eagle||-||1996 |- |Czech Republic||Order of the White Lion||1st Class||1996 |- |Latvia||Order of The Three Stars||Grand Cross with Collar||1996 |- |Peru||Order of Merit||Grand Cross||1998 |- |Kazahkstan||Order of the Golden Eagle||-||2000 |}

Honourary Military Positions

{| border = 2 |-bgcolor=cccccc !Military Force!!Unit!!Position!!Dates |- |British Army||Grenadier Guards||Colonel||1942
1952 |- |British Army||Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders||Colonel-in-Chief||1947 |- |British Army||16th/5th Queen's Royal Lancers||Colonel-in-Chief||1947
1994 |- |South African Army||Royal Durban Light Infantry||Colonel-in-Chief||1947
1961 |- |Canadian Army||Regiment de la Chaudière||Colonel-in-Chief||1947 |- |Canadian Army Army||48th Highlanders of Canada||Colonel-in-Chief||1947 |- |South African Army||South African Railways and Harbours Brigade||Colonel-in-Chief||1947
1961 |- |British Army||Women's Royal Army Corps||Honourary Brigadier||1949 |- |Canada Army||Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada||Colonel-in-Chief||1950 |- |British Army||The Life Guards||Colonel-in-Chief||1952 |- |British Army||Royal Horse Guards||Colonel-in-Chief||1952 |- |British Army||Grenadier Guards||Colonel-in-Chief||1952 |- |British Army||Coldstream Guards||Colonel-in-Chief||1952 |- |British Army||Scots Guards||Colonel-in-Chief||1952 |- |British Army||Irish Guards||Colonel-in-Chief||1952 |- |British Army||Welsh Guards||Colonel-in-Chief||1952 |- |British Army||Royal Regiment of Artillery||Captain-General||1952 |- |British Army||Corps of Royal Engineers||Colonel-in-Chief||1952 |- |British Army||Honourable Artillery Company||Captain-General||1952 |- |Canadian Army||Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery||Captain-General||1952 |- |Canadian Army||The Governor-General's Horse Guards||Colonel-in-Chief||1952 |- |South African Army||Imperial Light Horse||Colonel-in-Chief||1952
1961 |- |British Army||Royal Scots Greys||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1971 |- |British Army||Royal Tank Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |British Army||Royal Welch Fusiliers||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |British Army||The Loyal Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1970 |- |British Army||The King's Royal Rifle Corps||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1966 |- |British Army||Royal Army Ordnance Corps||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1956 |- |British Army||The Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars||Honourary Colonel||1953
1956 |- |British Army||Combined Cadet Force||Captain-General||1953 |- |Royal Air Force||Royal Auxiliary Air Force||Air-Commodore-in-Chief||1953 |- |Royal Air Force||Royal Air Force Regiment||Air-Commodore-in-Chief||1953 |- |Royal Air Force||Royal Observer Corps||Air-Commodore-in-Chief||1953 |- |Royal Air Force||Royal Air Force College, Cranwell||Commandant-in-Chief||1953 |- |British Army||Royal West African Frontier Force||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1959 |- |British Army||The King's African Rifles||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1964 |- |British Army||Northern Rhodesia Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1964 |- |British Army||Royal Malta Artillery||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1974 |- |British Army||The King's Own Malta Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1972 |- |Canadian Army||The King's Own Calgary Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Canadian Army||Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1967 |- |Canadian Army||Le Royal 22e Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Canadian Army||The Governor-General's Foot Guards||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Canadian Army||Canadian Grenadier Guards||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Canadian Army||Carleton and York Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1956 |- |Canadian Army||Royal Canadian Mounted Police||Honourary Commissioner||1953 |- |Royal Canadian Air Force||Royal Canadian Air Force Auxiliary||Air-Commodore-in-Chief||1953 |- |Australian Army||Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery||Captain-General||1953 |- |Australian Army||Royal Australian Engineers||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Australian Army||Royal Australian Infantry Corps||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Australian Army||Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Australian Army||Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Royal Australian Air Force||Australian Citizen Air Force||Air-Commodore-in-Chief||1953 |- |New Zealand Army||Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery||Captain-General||1953 |- |New Zealand Army||Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps||Captain-General||1953 |- |New Zealand Army||Corps of Royal New Zealand Engineers||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |New Zealand Army||The Countess of Ranfurly's Own Auckland Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1964 |- |New Zealand Army||Wellington Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1964 |- |Royal New Zealand Air Force||Territorial Air Force of New Zealand||Air-Commodore-in-Chief||1953 |- |South African Army||Royal Natal Carbineers||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1961 |- |South African Army||Kaffrarian Rifles||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1961 |- |British Army||Royal Rhodesia Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1970 |- |British Army||The Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Canadian Army||Regiment of Canadian Guards||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Canadian Army||Royal New Brunswick Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1956 |- |British Army||The Queen's Own Nigeria Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1956
1963 |- |British Army||The Queen's Own Warwickshire and Worcestershire Yeomanry||Honourary Colonel||1956 |- |Canadian Army||Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps||Colonel-in-Chief||1958 |- |Ghanese Army||Ghana Regiment of Infantry||Colonel-in-Chief||1959
1960 |- |British Army||Royal Nigerian Military Forces||Colonel-in-Chief||1959
1963 |- |British Army||Royal Sierra Leone Military Forces||Colonel-in-Chief||1959
1971 |- |Royal Navy||-||Lord High Admiral||1964 |- |New Zealand Army||Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1964 |- |British Army||Malawi Rifles||Colonel-in-Chief||1964 |- |British Army||Royal Green Jackets||Colonel-in-Chief||1966 |- |British Army||Blues and Royals||Colonel-in-Chief||1969 |- |British Army||The Queen's Lancashire Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1970 |- |Fijian Army||Royal Fiji Military Forces||Colonel-in-Chief||1970
1987 |- |British Army||Royal Scots Dragoon Guards||Colonel-in-Chief||1971 |- |British Army||The Queen's Own Yeomanry||Colonel-in-Chief||1971
1999 |- |British Army||The Queen's Own Mercian Yeomanry||Colonel-in-Chief||1973
1992 |- |British Army||Corps of Royal Military Police||Colonel-in-Chief||1977 |- |Canadian Army||Canadian Forces Military Engineers Branch||Colonel-in-Chief||1977 |- |New Zealand Army||Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps||Colonel-in-Chief||1977
1996 |- |Canadian Army||Calgary Highlanders||Colonel-in-Chief||1981 |- |British Army||Royal Army Chaplains' Department||Patron||1992 |- |British Army||Adjutant General's Corps||Colonel-in-Chief||1992 |- |British Army||The Queen's Gurkha Engineers||Affiliated Colonel-in-Chief||1993 |- |British Army||Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry||Colonel-in-Chief||1994 |- |British Army||The Queen's Royal Lancers||Colonel-in-Chief||1994 |- |Royal Air Force||603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadron||Honourary Air Commodore||2000 |}

Non-National Titles and Honours

{| border = 2 |-bgcolor=cccccc !Organization or Locality!!Title or Honour!!Dates |- |Royal Society||Fellow||1947 |- |Worshipful Company of Drapers||Freeman||1947 |- |Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead||Freeman||1947 |- |Royal Burgh of Stirling||Burgess||1948 |- |City of London||Freeman||1948 |- |City of Cardiff||Freeman||1948 |- |City of Edinburgh||Freeman||1949 |- |City of Belfast||Freeman||1949 |- |Royal College of Surgeons||Honourary Fellow||1951 |- |Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists||Honourary Fellow||1951 |}

Academic Titles and Honours

{| border = 2 |-bgcolor=cccccc !Organization or Locality!!Title or Honour!!Dates |- |University of London||Honourary Bachelor of Music||1946 |- |Oxford University||Honourary Doctor of Civil Law||1948 |- |University of Wales||Honourary Doctor of Music||1949 |- |University of Edinburgh||Honourary Doctor of Laws||1951 |- |University of London||Honourary Doctor of Laws||1951 |}

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