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List of Titles and Honours of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

This is a list of awards, decorations, honours, orders and titles belonging to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband to Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. If a single date is listed in the Dates column, then it is the date of the attaining of the award or title. If two are listed, then the first indicates the date of the attaining of the award or title, and the second indicates the date of its loss or renunciation.

Royal and Noble Titles

{| border = 2 |-bgcolor=cccccc !Country!!Title!!Dates |- |Greece and Denmark||Prince of Greece and Denmark (Royal Highness)||1921
1947 |- |United Kingdom||Duke of Edinburgh||1947 |- |United Kingdom||Earl of Merioneth||1947 |- |United Kingdom||Baron Greenwich||1947 |- |United Kingdom||Royal Highness||1947 |- |United Kingdom||Prince of the United Kingdom||1957 |}

Commonwealth Honours

{| border = 2 |-bgcolor=cccccc !Country!!Award or Order!!Class or Position!!Dates |- |United Kingdom||King George VI Coronation Medal||-||1937 |- |United Kingdom||Order of the Garter||Knight||1947 |- |United Kingdom||Privy Counsellor||-||1951 |- |United Kingdom||Order of the Thistle||Knight||1952 |- |United Kingdom||Order of the British Empire||Grand Master and Principal
Knight Grand Cross||1953 |- |United Kingdom||Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal||-||1953 |- |Canada||Queen's Privy Counsellor for Canada||-||1957 |- |United Kingdom||Order of Merit||Member||1968 |- |United Kingdom||Queen's Service Order||Member||1981 |- |Canada||Canadian Forces Decoration||-||1982 |- |New Zealand||1990 Commemoration Medal||-||1990 |- |Brunei||Silver Jubilee Medal||-||1992 |- |Malta||George Cross 50th Anniversary Medal||-||1992 |}

Foreign Honours

{| border = 2 |-bgcolor=cccccc !Country!!Award or Order!!Class or Position!!Dates |- |Greece||Order of St George and St Constantine||4th Class||1941 |- |Denmark||Order of the Elephant||Knight||1947 |- |Greece||Order of the Redeemer||Grand Cross||1947 |- |Greece||Order of George I||Grand Cross||1950 |- |Greece||Order of the Phoenix||Grand Cross||1950 |- |Monaco||Order of St Charles||Grand Cross||1951 |- |Norway||Order of St Olav||Grand Cross with Collar||1952 |- |Panama||Order of Manuel Amador Guerrero||Grand Cross||1953 |- |Sweden||Royal Order of the Seraphim||Knight||1954 |- |Ethiopia||Order of the Queen of Sheba||Grand Cross with Chain||1954 |- |Portugal||Military Order of the Tower and Sword||Grand Cross||1955 |- |Iraq||Order of King Faisal I||1st Class||1956 |- |France||Order of the Legion of Honour||Grand Cordon||1957 |- |Italy||Order of Merit||Knight Grand Cross||1958 |- |The Netherlands||Order of the Netherlands Lion||Knight Grand Cross||1958 |- |West Germany||Order of Merit||Grand Cross||1958 |- |Nepal||Order of Ojaswi Rajanya||-||1961 |- |Finland||Order of the White Rose||Grand Cross||1961 |- |Tunisia||Order of Independence||Grand Cordon||1961 |- |Liberia||Order of the Star of Africa||Knight Grand Band||1961 |- |Colombia||Order of Boyaca||Grand Cross Extraordinary||1962 |- |Ecuador||National Order of Merit||Grand Cross||1962 |- |Peru||Order of the Sun||Grand Cross in Brilliants||1962 |- |Bolivia||National Order of the Conder of the Andes||Grand Cross||1962 |- |Chile||Order of Merit||Grand Cross with Collar||1962 |- |Brazil||National Order of the Southern Cross||Grand Cross||1962 |- |Paraguay||National Order of Merit||Grand Cross Extraordinary||1962 |- |Argentina||Order of the Liberator San Martin||Grand Cross||1962 |- |Belgium||Order of Leopold||Grand Cross||1963 |- |Iceland||Order of the Icelandic Falcon||Grand Cross||1963 |- |Zanzibar||Order of the Brilliant Star||1st Class||1963 |- |Sudan||Decoration of the Republic||1st Class||1964 |- |Mexico||Order of the Aztec Eagle||Grand Collar||1964 |- |Austria||Decoration of Honour for Merit||In Gold with Sash||1966 |- |Jordan||Order of the Renaissance||Grand Cordon, Special Class||1966 |- |Afghanistan||Order of the Supreme Sun||1st Class||1971 |- |Japan||Order of the Chrysanthemum||Grand Cordon||1971 |- |Singapore||Order of Temasek||-||1972 |- |Brunei||Royal Family Order||1st Class||1972 |- |Maldive Islands||Order of the Distinguished Leader||2nd Class||1972 |- |Luxembourg||Order of the Golden Lion of the House of Nassau||Knight||1972 |- |Yugoslavia||Order of the Yugoslav Star||1st Class||1972 |- |Zaire||National Order of the Leopard||Grand Cordon||1973 |- |Portugal||Order of the Infante Dom Henrique||Grand Cross||1978 |- |The Netherlands||Order of the Golden Ark||Commander||1979 |- |Qatar||Collar of Independence||-||1979 |- |Oman||Military Order of Oman||1st Class||1979 |- |Morocco||Order of Muhammad||Grand Cross in Brilliants||1980 |- |Spain||Order of Carlos III||Grand Cross||1986 |- |Poland||Order of Merit||Grand Riband||1991 |}

Honourary Military Positions

{| border = 2 |-bgcolor=cccccc !Military Force!!Unit!!Position!!Dates |- |Royal Navy||Sea Cadet Corps||Admiral||1952
1992 |- |British Army||-||Field Marshal||1953 |- |Royal Navy||-||Admiral of the Fleet||1953 |- |Royal Air Force||-||Marshal of the Royal Air Force||1953 |- |British Army||Army Cadet Force||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Royal Canadian Navy||Royal Canadian Sea Cadets||Admiral||1953 |- |Royal Air Force||Air Training Corps||Air-Commodore-in-Chief||1953 |- |British Army||8th King's Royal Irish Hussars||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1958 |- |British Army||Corps of Royal Marines||Captain-General||1953 |- |British Army||The Duke of Edinburgh's Wiltshire Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1953
1959 |- |British Army||The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |British Army||Prince Albert's Own Leicestershire Yeomanry||Honourary Colonel||1953
1957 |- |British Army||Heriot-Watt University Officer's Training Corps||Honourary Colonel||1953 |- |British Army||Edinburgh University Honourary Training Corps||Honourary Colonel||1953 |- |Canadian Army||Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Canadian Army||Royal Canadian Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1953 |- |Australian Army||-||Field Marshal||1954 |- |Royal Australian Navy||-||Admiral of the Fleet||1954 |- |Royal Australian Air Force||-||Marshal of the Air Force||1954 |- |Royal Air Force||601 (City of London) Squadron|||Honourary Air Commodore||1953
1957 |- |British Army||Welsh Guards||Colonel||1953
1974 |- |New Zealand Army||Hawkes Bay Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1954
1964 |- |New Zealand Army||Otago and Southland Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1954
[[1964] |- |British Army||Prince Albert's Own Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry||Honourary Colonel||1957 |- |British Army||Honourable Artillery Company||Member||1957 |- |British Army||The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars||Colonel-in-Chief||1958
1993 |- |Australian Army||Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers||Colonel-in-Chief||1959 |- |British Army||The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (Berkshire and Wiltshire)||Colonel-in-Chief||1959 |- |British Army||The Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth and Camerons)||Colonel-in-Chief||1961
1994 |- |Australian Army||Australian Army Cadet Corps||Colonel-in-Chief||1963 |- |Trinidad and Tobago Army||Trinidad and Tobago Regiment||Royal Honourary Colonel||1964 |- |Canadian Army||Seaforth Highlanders of Canada||Colonel-in-Chief||1967 |- |Canadian Army||The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada||Colonel-in-Chief||1967 |- |Canadian Army||The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa||Colonel-in-Chief||1967 |- |British Army||Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers||Colonel-in-Chief||1969 |- |British Army||Grenadier Guards||Colonel ||1975 |- |British Army||Intelligence Corps||Colonel-in-Chief||1977 |- |Royal Air Force||Royal Air Force- Kinloss||Honourary Air Commodore||1977 |- |New Zealand Army||Corps of Royal New Zealand Electrical and Mechanical Engineers||Colonel-in-Chief||1977 |- |Canadian Land Command||Royal Hamilton Light Infantry||Colonel-in-Chief||1977 |- |New Zealand Army||-||Field Marshal||1977 |- |Royal New Zealand Navy||-||Admiral of the Fleet||1977 |- |Royal New Zealand Air Force||-||Marshal of the Air Force||1977 |- |Canadian Air Command||Royal Canadian Air Cadets||Honourary Air Commodore||1983 |- |British Army||The Queen's Royal Hussars||Deputy Colonel-in-Chief||1993
2002 |- |British Army||Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment||Colonel-in-Chief||1994 |- |British Army||The Highlanders (Seaforth, Camerons and Gordons)||Colonel-in-Chief||1994 |- |British Army||The Queen's Royal Hussars||Colonel-in-Chief||2002 |}

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