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List of Serbian monarchs

  1. All names of Nemanjić monarchs started with Stefan, beginning from Stefan Nemanja.
  2. Entries bounded within parentheses are for reference only, for instance the Roman numerals keep counts of Stefan's and Lazar's. They are not part of the common nomenclature.
  3. All i's in parentheses of the house names are part of the transliteration from the Serbian words but frequently omitted in western texts

Table of contents
1 Rulers of medieval Serbian states
2 Rulers of modern serbian states
3 Sources

Rulers of medieval Serbian states

950-1050 Byzantine rule

Rulers of modern serbian states

In 1918, Serbia became part of the newly formed Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Later that state changed name in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (i.e. Kingdom of South Slavs). In that period (between two world wars) the country was parliamentary monarchy nominally ruled by the Karageorgević(i) dynasty.

After the WW2 and the socialist revolution the country was reformed as the socialist federation of 'republics' ruled by the Josip Broz (Tito). After his death in 1980, the federation started a process of dissolution which finished in a series of civil wars in early 1990s. Through the 1990s, the Serbia and Montenegro comprised the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (also called Third Yugoslavia), which recently (in 2003) has been restructured into confederation called Serbian and Montenegro. Currently the Serbia is a parlamentary democracy.

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