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Stefan Prvovencani

Stefan Prvovenčani (lit. meaning: Stefan the first-crowned) or Stefan II, Nemanja (Стефан Првовенчани, Стефан II, Немања) (d. September 24 1228) was the ruler of the Serbian state of Raška who managed to promote it to the status of kingdom and to establish a long lasting ruling dynasty of Nemanjić.

Stefan Prvovencani was the eldest son of the Grand Zupan Stefan Nemanja and brother of Rastko Nemanjic who became the founder of the independent Serbian Orthodox Church. He inherited the title of Grand Zupan in 1196 when his father retired as a monk. The Byzantine emperor granted him the title of the King of Raška in 1217 resulted from his skillful diplomacy and persuasion.

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Preceded by:
Stefan Nemanja
House of Nemanjić Succeeded by:
Stefan Radoslav