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Stefan Uros V

Stefan Uroš V nejaki (The Weak) (Стефан Урош V нејаки) (1336-1371) was Serb king (1346-1355) as co-ruler of his father Dušan and tzar (1355-1371).

Incompetent to sustain the great empire created by his father, Uroš could neither repel attacks of foreign enemies, nor combat the self-will of his nobility. This situation was exploited by the Byzantine Empire which took from him Serbian Greece, and Hungary which took hold of Mačva and Belgrade. In his own state in 1358 he faced rebellions firstly from his uncle, the despot of Epirus Simeon, and his mother Jelena, who started to rule autonomously with their areas. Following their example, Dejankovićs; Vukašin and Uglješa Mrnjavčević; brothers Balšić; and Nikola Altomanović also rose against him. At the end of his rule the only lands under direct Uroš's control were those between the Šara and the Danube.

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Preceded by:
Stefan Dušan
House of Nemanjić Succeeded by:
No one

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