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The Karadjordjevics is a Serbian dynasty, descended from Karadjordje. It had a long feud with the Obrenovic dynasty. The dynasty lost the throne in November 1945 when Yugoslavia became a republic.

The ruling members were Alexander (reigned 1842-1858), Petar I (reigned 1903-1918), Alexander (reigned 1921-1934), and Petar II Karadjordjevic, the last king, reigning from March 27, 1941 to November 29, 1945.

Between Alexander and Petar I there were Milo* Obrenovic (1858-1860) the founder of the Obrenovic dynasty, Michael Obrenovic (1862-1868), Milan Obrenovic prince (1868-1882) and king (1882-1889), and Alexander Obrenovic (1889-1903), following his assassination Petar Karadjordjevic was crowned king.

Karadjordjevics are politically active in Serbia, supporting the view that it should become a kingdom again.

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