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List of Saskatchewan lieutenant-governors

This is a list of the lieutenant-governors of Saskatchewan, Canada, since its establishment in 1905. Prior to 1905, the Sovereign's representative in what is now Saskatchewan was the lieutenant-governor of the Northwest Territories.

Hon. Amédée E. Forget1905 to 1910
Hon. George W. Brown1910 to 1915
Hon. Sir Richard Lake1915 to 1921
Hon. Henry W. Newlands1921 to 1931
Hon. Hugh E. Munroe1931 to 1936
Hon. Archiblad Peter McNab1936 to 1945
Hon. Thomas Miller1945-02 to 1945-04
Hon. Reginald J. M. Parker1945 to 1948
Hon. John Michael Uhrich1948 to 1951
Hon. William J. Patterson1951 to 1958
Hon. Frank Lindsay Bastedo1958 to 1963
Hon. Robert L. Hanbidge1963 to 1970
Hon. Stephen Worobetz1970 to 1976
Hon. George Porteous1976 to 1977
Hon. C. Irwin McIntosh1978 to 1983
Hon. Frederick W. Johnson1983 to 1988
Hon. Dr. Sylvia O. Fedoruk1988 to 1994
Hon. John E. N. Wiebe1994 to 2000
Hon. Dr. Lynda M. Haverstock2000 to present

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