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List of Northwest Territories lieutenant-governors

This a list of the lieutenant-governors of the Northwest Territories.

Hon. Sir William McDougall1869-October 1¹Lt.-Gov. of Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territory
Hon. Sir Adams G. Archibald1870-May 10 to 1872- December 2Lt.-Gov. of Manitoba and the North-West Territories
Hon. Sir Francis G. Johnson1872-April 9¹
Hon. Alexander Morris1872-December 2 to 1876-October 7
Hon. David Laird1876-October 7 to 1881-December 3Lt.-Gov. of the North-West Territories
Hon. Edgar Dewdney1881-December 3 to 1888-July 1
Hon. Joseph Royal1888-July 1 to 1893-October 31
Hon. Charles H. Mackintosh1893-October 31 to 1898-May 30
Hon. Malcolm C. Cameron1898-May 30 to 1898-September 26
Hon. Amédée E. Forget1898-October 4 to 1905-September 1

¹Date of appointment; never assumed office.

Since Saskatchewan and Alberta were established from the Territories' most populated regions, the Territories have had no lieutenant-governor. Instead, the Queen is represented by a commissioner.

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