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List of Lieutenant Governors of Ontario

This is a list of Lieutenant Governors of the Canadian province of Ontario.

Table of contents
1 Lieutenant Governors of Upper Canada
2 Lieutenant Governors of Canada West
3 Lieutenant Governors of Ontario

Lieutenant Governors of Upper Canada

Upper Canada was created out of the western part of Quebec by the Constitutional Act of 1791.

John Graves Simcoe1791-1796
Peter Russell1796-1799
Peter Hunter1799-1805
Alexander Grant1805-1806
Francis Gore1806-1811
Sir Isaac Brock1811-1812
Sir Roger Hale Sheaffe1812-1813
Francis de Rottenburg1813
Sir Gordon Drummond1813-1814
Sir George Murray1815
Frederick Philip Robinson1815
Francis Gore (2nd incumbency)1815-1817
Samuel Smith1817-1818
Sir Peregrine Maitland1818-1828
Sir John Colborne1828-1836
Sir Francis Bond Head1836-1838
Sir George Arthur1838-1839
Charles Poullet Thompson, Lord Sydenham1839-1841

Lord Sydenham was also Governor General of Canada, and united Upper Canada and Lower Canada into the Province of Canada. Upper Canada became Canada West.

Lieutenant Governors of Canada West

After Richard Downes Jackson, the Lieutenant Governors were also simultaneously Governors General.

John Clitherow1841
Sir Richard Downes Jackson1841-1842
Sir Charles Bagot1842-1843
Charles Metcalfe, Baron Metcalfe of Fernhill1843-1845
Charles Murray Cathcart, 2nd Earl Cathcart1845-1847
James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin1847-1854
Sir Edmund Walker Head1854-1861
Viscount Monck of Ballytrammon1861-1866

The Province of Canada was split into Ontario and Quebec after Canadian Confederation in 1867.

Lieutenant Governors of Ontario

Henry William Stisted1867-1868
William Pearce Howland1868-1873
John Willoughby Crawford1873-1875
Donald Alexander Macdonald1875-1880
John Beverley Robinson1880-1887
Sir Alexander Campbell1887-1892
Sir George Airey Kirkpatrick1892-1896
Sir Casimir Gzowski (acting)1896-1897
Sir Oliver Mowat1897-1903
Sir William Mortimer Clark1903-1908
Sir John Morison Gibson1908-1914
Sir John Strathearn Hendrie1914-1919
Lionel Herbert Clarke1919-1921
Henry Cockshutt1921-1927
William Donald Ross1927-1931
Sir William Mulock (acting)1931-1932
Herbert Alexander Bruce1932-1937
Albert Edward Matthews1937-1946
Ray Lawson1946-1952
Louis Orville Breithaupt1952-1957
John Keiller MacKay1957-1963
William Earl Rowe1963-1968
William Ross Macdonald1968-1974
Pauline Mills McGibbon1974-1980
John Black Aird1980-1985
Lincoln Alexander1985-1991
Henry N. R. Jackman1991-1997
Hilary M. Weston1997-2002
James K. Bartleman2002-present

Other Canadian Lieutenant Governors:

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