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List of Alberta lieutenant-governors

This is a list of the lieutenant-governors of Alberta, Canada, since its establishment in 1905. Prior to 1905, the Sovereign's representative in what is now Alberta was the lieutenant-governor of the Northwest Territories.

Hon. George H. V. Bulyea1905-09-01 to 1915-10-20
Hon. Dr. Robert G. Brett1915-10-20 to 1925-10-29
Hon. Dr. William Egbert 1925-10-29 to 1931-05-05
Hon. William L. Walsh 1931-05-05 to 1936-10-01
Hon. Col. Philip C. H. Primrose1936-10-01 to 1937-03-17
Hon. John C. Bowen 1937-03-23 to 1950-02-01
Hon. John J. Bowlen 1950-02-01 to 1959-12-16
Hon. J. Percy Page 1959-12-19 to 1966-01-06
Hon. J. W. Grant MacEwan1966-01-06 to 1974-07-02
Hon. Ralph G. Steinhauer1974-07-02 to 1979-10-18
Hon. Frank C. Lynch-Staunton1979-10-18 to 1985-01-22
Hon. W. Helen Hunley 1985-01-22 to 1991-03-11
Hon. T. Gordon Towers 1991-03-11 to 1996-04-17
Hon. H. A. "Bud" Olson1996-04-17 to 2000-02-10
Hon. Lois Hole 2000-02-10 to present

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