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List of Quebec premiers

This is a list of the premiers of Quebec, Canada since Confederation (1867).

Note that the premier is always referred to in official Quebec government publications as the prime minister.

In the English language, minister comes from Old French 'ministre', which in turn comes from the Latin 'minister', meaning 'servant'. When the French Canadians were introduced to British political terminology, they adopted it as is. However, they never adopted the distinction between 'premier' and 'prime minister' as used in English Canada.

Premier FromToParty

Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau1867-07-151873-02-26Conservative
Gédéon Ouimet1873-02-261874-09-22 Conservative
Charles-Eugène Boucher de Boucherville1874-09-221878-03-08 Conservative
Henri-Gustave Joly de Lotbinière1878-03-081879-10-31Liberal
Joseph-Adolphe Chapleau1879-10-311882-07-31 Conservative
Joseph-Alfred Mousseau1882-07-311884-01-23 Conservative
John Jones Ross1884-01-231887-01-25 Conservative
Louis-Olivier Taillon1887-01-251887-01-27 Conservative
Honoré Mercier1887-01-271891-12-21 Liberal
Charles-Eugène Boucher de Boucherville1891-12-211892-12-16 Conservative
Louis-Olivier Taillon1892-12-161896-05-11 Conservative
Edmund James Flynn1896-05-111897-05-24 Conservative
Félix-Gabriel Marchand1897-05-241900-10-08 Liberal
Simon-Napoléon Parent1900-10-081905-03-23 Liberal
Lomer Gouin1905-03-231920-07-09 Liberal
Louis-Alexandre Taschereau1920-07-091936-06-11 Liberal
Adélard Godbout1936-06-111936-08-26 Liberal
Maurice Duplessis1936-08-261939-11-09Union Nationale
Adélard Godbout1939-11-091944-08-30 Liberal
Maurice Duplessis1944-08-301959-09-07 Union Nationale
Paul Sauvé1959-09-111960-01-02 Union Nationale
Antonio Barrette1960-01-081960-07-22 Union Nationale
Jean Lesage1960-07-221966-06-16 Liberal
Daniel Johnson, Sr1966-06-161968-09-26 Union Nationale
Jean-Jacques Bertrand1968-10-021970-05-12 Union Nationale
Robert Bourassa1970-05-121976-11-25Liberal
René Lévesque1976-11-251985-10-03Parti Québécois
Pierre-Marc Johnson1985-10-031985-12-12 Parti Québécois
Robert Bourassa1985-12-121994-01-11 Liberal
Daniel Johnson, Jr1994-01-111994-09-26 Liberal
Jacques Parizeau1994-09-261996-01-29 Parti Québécois
Lucien Bouchard1996-01-292001-03-08 Parti Québécois
Bernard Landry2001-03-082003-04-29 Parti Québécois
Jean Charest2003-04-29presentLiberal

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