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List of New Brunswick premiers

This is a list of the premiers of the province of New Brunswick, Canada, since Confederation.


Andrew R. WetmoreConfederation Party1867-1870
George E. KingConservative1870-1871
George L. HathawayConservative1871-1872
George E. KingConservative1872-1878
James J. FraserConservative1878-1882
Daniel L. HaningtonConservative1882-1883
Andrew G. BlairLiberal1883-1896
James MitchellLiberal1896-1897
Henry R. EmmersonLiberal1897-1900
Lemuel J. TweedieLiberal1900-1907
William PugsleyLiberal1907
Clifford W. RobinsonLiberal1907-1908
John Douglas HazenConservative1908-1911
James Kidd FlemmingConservative1911-1914
George J. ClarkConservative1914-1917
James A. MurrayConservative1917
Walter E. FosterLiberal1917-1923
Peter J. VeniotLiberal1923-1925
John B. M. BaxterConservative1925-1931
Charles D. RichardsConservative1931-1933
Leonard P. D. TilleyConservative1933-1935
Allison A. DysartLiberal1935-1940
John B. McNairLiberal1940-1952
Hugh John FlemmingConservative1952-1960
Louis Joseph RobichaudLiberal1960-1970
Richard Bennett HatfieldConservative1970-1987
Francis Joseph McKennaLiberal1987-1997
Joseph Raymond FrenetteLiberal1997-1998
Camille ThériaultLiberal1998-1999
Bernard LordConservative1999-

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