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Adélard Godbout

Joseph-Adélard Godbout (24 September, 1892 - 18 September, 1956) became Premier of Quebec after the retirement of Louis-Alexandre Taschereau on June 27, 1936. He would retain this position until August 26, 1936 after his Liberal party was defeated by the Union Nationale of Maurice Duplessis.

Godbout returned to power in 1939. He is remembered for passing laws that granted women the right to vote, and that enforced compulsory school attendance until the age of 14. His government also nationalised electric companies in Montreal to create Hydro-Québec, the public institution that would be greatly expanded by René Lévesque during the Quiet Revolution.

Preceded by:
Louis-Alexandre Taschereau
List of Quebec premiers Succeeded by:
Maurice Duplessis