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A premier is an executive official of government.

In many nations the term "premier" is used interchangeably with the title of "prime minister." For example, the "Italian Premier" or the "Japanese Premier."

In certain British overseas territories, such as Bermuda, the elected head of government is called the "premier". In others he or she is called the chief minister.

It is also the name of the heads of government in the provinces and territories of Canada and South Africa, the states of Australia, and the (self-governing) New Zealand territory of Niue (in some of these cases the formal title remains "Prime Minister" but "Premier" is used to avoid confusion with the national prime minister).

Some Communist leaders have also assumed the informal title of "premier", regardless of whether or not such an office actually exists. (See also: Premier of the People's Republic of China)

A second in command to the Premier is designated as a Vice-Premier or Deputy Premier.