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Lincoln Alexander

Lincoln MacCauley Alexander, (born January 21, 1922, in Toronto, Ontario), served as Ontario's 24th Lieutenant Governor from 1985-1991.

Born to West Indian immigrants to Canada, Lincoln Alexander first distinguished himself by serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the second world war. He was first elected to the Canadian House of Commons in 1968 a member of the Progressive-Conservative party, and representing the riding of Hamilton West. He held the seat for the next four successive elections. In 1976 and 1978 he served as an observer to the United Nations. Under the brief government of Joe Clark in 1979-1980, Alexander served as Minister of Labour. He resigned his seat in 1980 to serve as the head of the Worker's Compensation Board.

Lincoln Alexander was selected by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney as the 24th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, in 1985, the first black person to serve in a vice-regal position in Canada. During his term in office he concentrated on bringing attention to education and youth issues.

After his departure from office in 1991, Alexander was awarded the Order of Ontario, and made a companion of the Order of Canada. He remains an active spokesman on race relations and veterans' issues.