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ISO 3166-2:IT

ISO 3166-2 codes for Italy cover 103 provinces. Each province has a 2-letter code, that is also used for car signs. Together with the ISO 3166-1 code IT for Italy they form the ISO 3166-2 codes. The purpose of this family of standards is to establish a worldwide series of short abbreviations for places, for use on package labels, containers and such. Anywhere where a short alphanumeric code can serve to clearly indicate a location in a more convenient and less ambiguous form than the full place name. US readers may wish to consider them as the equivalent of worldwide zip or postal codes. Within the Wikipedia, the codes from the country pages link to the pages for the locations they identify.

Note: FC which can be found on websites does not exist. This stands for Forli-Cesena. But the name of the province is Forli and results in the code FO.

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ISO 3166-2:2000-06-21

Encoding list

IT-AG Agrigento
IT-AL Alessandria
IT-AN Ancona
IT-AO Aosta
IT-AR Arezzo
IT-AP Ascoli Piceno
IT-AT Asti
IT-AV Avellino
IT-BA Bari
IT-BL Belluno
IT-BN Benevento
IT-BG Bergamo
IT-BI Biella
IT-BO Bologna
IT-BZ Bolzano
IT-BS Brescia
IT-BR Brindisi
IT-CA Cagliari
IT-CL Caltanissetta
IT-CB Campobasso
IT-CE Caserta
IT-CT Catania
IT-CZ Catanzaro
IT-CH Chieti
IT-CO Como
IT-CS Cosenza
IT-CR Cremona
IT-KR Crotone
IT-CN Cuneo
IT-EN Enna
IT-FE Ferrara
IT-FI Florence
IT-FG Foggia
IT-FO Forli
IT-FR Frosinone
IT-GE Genova
IT-GO Gorizia
IT-GR Grosseto
IT-IM Imperia
IT-IS Isernia
IT-AQ L'Aquila
IT-SP La Spezia
IT-LT Latina
IT-LE Lecce
IT-LC Lecco
IT-LI Livorno
IT-LO Lodi
IT-LU Lucca
IT-MC Macerata
IT-MN Mantua
IT-MS Massa-Carrara
IT-MT Matera
IT-ME Messina
IT-MI Milan
IT-MO Modena
IT-NA Napoli
IT-NO Novara
IT-NU Nuoro
IT-OR Oristano
IT-PD Padua
IT-PA Palermo
IT-PR Parma
IT-PV Pavia
IT-PG Perugia
IT-PS Pesaro e Urbino
IT-PE Pescara
IT-PC Piacenza
IT-PI Pisa
IT-PT Pistoia
IT-PN Pordenone
IT-PZ Potenza
IT-PO Prato
IT-RG Ragusa
IT-RA Ravenna
IT-RC Reggio di Calabria
IT-RE Reggio nell'Emilia
IT-RI Rieti
IT-RN Rimini
IT-RM Rome Roma
IT-RO Rovigo
IT-SA Salerno
IT-SS Sassari
IT-SV Savona
IT-SI Siena
IT-SO Sondrio
IT-SR Syracuse
IT-TA Taranto
IT-TE Teramo
IT-TR Terni
IT-TP Trapani
IT-TN Trento
IT-TV Treviso
IT-TS Trieste
IT-TO Turin
IT-UD Udine
IT-VA Varese
IT-VE Venice
IT-VB Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
IT-VC Vercelli
IT-VR Verona
IT-VV Vibo Valentia
IT-VI Vicenza
IT-VT Viterbo

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