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Brindisi (in Latin Brundusium, Brundisium) is an ancient city in southern Italy. It had 100.000 inhabitants. Important because of its large natural port. In 245 BC or 267 BC it was conquered by Romans. Famous Roman poet Virgilius died here at September 19th, 19 BC. Latin poet Pacevius was born here.

Later Brindisi was conquered by Ostrogoths, and reconquered by Byzantium, who ruled Brindisi until 1070 and invasion of Normans. In 836 Brindisi was burned by [{Saracen]] pirates. Later since 1268 Brindisi was ruled by Angevin, and then by Aragonese, Venetia and Spain. In 1707-1734 Brindisi was ruled by Austria, abd then by Bourbons. Since September 1943 to February 1944 city functioned as temporal capital of Italy.