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Vicenza (population 110,000) is a city in northern Italy that is approximately 60 km west of Venice and 200 km east of Milan. The city has an active and lively industrial sector, which is especially famous for jewelry and clothing factories. The Gold Exposition is world-famous and it takes place in Vicenza three times every year (January, June, September).

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Vicenza is home to several buildings from the late Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. Of notable interest is the summer house called Villa Capra La Rotonda which is located just outside the downtown area and the public building Basilica Palladiana which is centrally located in Vicenza's Piazza dei Signori, and the Teatro Olimpico. All these building date from between circa 1560 - 1590.

Popular dishes

Hotels, Accommodation and Things to Do

Vicenza has a couple of hotels near the centre of town which are reasonably priced. It's a good base for Venice ; 35 minutes or so by Train " class="external">

Watch out for the free concerts in April and May - ask at the Tourist Office near Teatro Olimpico. In Venice you'll pay up to 20 euros for the same privilege.