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Viterbo is an ancient town and a province in Latium, central Italy, approximately 100 kilometers north of Rome. It is the main town of the Tuscia.

It is presumed to have been founded by Etruscanss, and in time became famous as "the town of the Popes", being the site of important councils. Its beautiful historical center was conceived in the Middle Ages and preserves the essential style of the medieval architecture of central Italy, with many "palazzi".

The town hosts the Italian gold reserves, an important Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Tuscia and a wide thermal area.

The "Macchina di Santa Rosa"

The transport of the Macchina di S. Rosa takes place every year, on 3 September, at 9 o'clock in the evening. The Macchina is an artistic illuminated bell-tower of an imposing height of 30m. It weighs 50q and it is made of iron, wood and pulped paper. At the top of the tower, the statue of the Patron Saint is enthusiastically acclaimed by the people in the streets of the town centre, where lights are turned off for the occasion. (this text is in fair use from the official city council website).

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