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Buxton, Derbyshire

Buxton is a spa town in Derbyshire, England, in the Peak District National Park

The Dukes of Devonshire have been closely involved with Buxton ever since 1780 when the 5th Duke used the profits from his copper mines to develop Buxton as a spa in the style of Bath. Their ancestor Bess of Hardwick had taken one of her four husbands, the earl of Shrewsbury, to "take the waters" at Buxton shortly after he became the jailer of Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1569, and they took Mary there in 1573 -- she called Buxton "La Fontagne de Bogsby".

The Crescent was modelled on the Royal Bath Crescent by John Carr who also designed the Great Stables, later on to become the Devonshire Royal Hospital and now the University of Derby.

Other architects active in Buxton were Robert Rippon Duke and Frank Matcham, a famous theatrical architect who designed Buxton Opera House. He also designed two famous London theatres: the London Palladium and the London Coliseum.

Buxton is still famous for its wells and its Well Dressings.