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Voice actor

A voice actor is a person who provides voices for puppet shows, audio dramas, stop motion, and animation works (including cartoons, animated feature films, animated shorts), and radio and television commercials. The Japanese equivalent of a voice actor is a seiyuu. When singing is called for a role, a second voice actor is sometimes cast as the character's singing voice.

It is not unusual to find amongst the ranks of voice actors various people who also perform as actors in live action film or television, or on the stage. But, a common but not (by the general public) widely known practice in animation voice casting is to have young boy-character roles read by a woman; this goes all the way back to Gracie Lantz as Woody Woodpecker and continues all the way to Elizabeth "E.G." Daily as Tommy Pickles on Rugrats and All Grown Up in the present day. June Foray, even as a senior citizen, can still faithfully voice Rocket J. Squirrel. This can be quite useful if an ad campaign or a developed series is expected to run for a few years, because the female voice characteristics do not change as drastically through adolescence as do those of the male.

Notable voice actors include: