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Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold! is a Nickelodeon cartoon first aired in autumn 1996. Created by Matt Groening's inlaw Craig Bartlett, and based on his clay animation shorts, the central character is Arnold, who lives with his grandparents Phil and Gertrude (his parents Stella and Miles have gone missing) in a boarding house. One of the qualities of the series is that it isn't much about Arnold, but rather about the neighborhood, his friends at school, and even the boarders at the Sunset Arms. Most notable are Gertrude; and Helga Pataki, who hates Arnold on the outside, but loves him on the inside.

Hey Arnold! is the second longest-running Nicktoon, behind Rugrats. So far, 99 episodes (out of the 100 made) have been aired in the US.

Also, there was a movie, made in 2002 about the main characters' exploits to save their neighborhood from an unpopular redevelopment project. The much-derided Hey Arnold!: The Movie (originally made for television) grossed a paltry $13 million in cinemas. There had been plans for a second movie, based on Arnold's search to find his parents, however, contractual problems with Nick has since led Bartlett to leave the channel for the Cartoon Network.

Nick had earlier turned down plans to spinoff the Helga character (and her family) into her own series (like All Grown Up, the characters would have been older than when they were on Hey Arnold!: Helga would have been 15, for example).

The show takes place in the fictional city of Hillwood City. Some of the original clay animation shorts were shown on Sesame Street.

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Season 1

(Autumn 1996-Autumn 1997)
  1. Downtown as Fruits / Eugene's Bike- A scene in the latter story where Arnold uses the Heimlich maneuver on Eugene has inspired 3 instances of it being used by a juvenile to help someone else
  2. The Little Pink Book/Field Trip
  3. Arnold's Hat/Stoop Kid
  4. Helga's Makeover/The Old Building
  5. 6th Grade Girls/The Baseball
  6. Heat/Snow
  7. Operation Ruthless/The Vacant Lot
  8. The List/Haunted Train
  9. Mugged / Roughin' It
  10. Door #16 / Arnold as Cupid
  11. Benchwarmer / Cool Jerk
  12. Das Subway / Wheezin' Ed
  13. Tutoring Torvald / Gerald Comes Over
  14. Spelling Bee / Pigeon Man
  15. Olga Comes Home / Sally's Comet
  16. Abner Come Home / The Sewer King
  17. False Alarm / World Records
  18. Magic Show / 24 Hours to Live
  19. Arnold's Christmas
  20. Arnold's Valentine

Season 2

(Autumn 1997-Summer 1998)
  1. Save The Tree / New Teacher
  2. Helga's Love Potion / Gerald's Secret
  3. The Big Scoop / Harold's Kitty
  4. Longest Monday / Eugene's Pet
  5. Monkey Business / Big Caesar
  6. Ransom / Ms. Perfect
  7. Arnold Saves Sid / Hookey
  8. Freeze Frame / Phoebe Cheats
  9. Mud Bowl / Gerald Moves Out
  10. The High Life / Best Friends
  11. Arnold's Halloween
  12. Steely Phil / Quantity Time
  13. Eating Contest / Rhonda's Glasses
  14. Helga's Boyfriend / Crush on Teacher
  15. Hall Monitor / Harold's Bar Mitzvah
  16. Coach Wittenberg / Four-Eyed Jack
  17. Eugene Goes Bad / What's Opera, Arnold?
  18. Tour de Pond / Teachers Strike
  19. Part-Time Friends / Bio Square
  20. Runaway Float / Partners

Season 3

(Summer 1998-Spring 1999)
  1. Helga Blabs It All / Harold the Butcher
  2. Dangerous Lumber / Mr. Hyunh Goes Country
  3. Casa Paradiso / Gerald's Tonsils
  4. Arnold's Room / Helga vs. Big Patty
  5. Stinky Goes Hollywood / Olga Gets Engaged
  6. Curly Snaps / Pre-Teen Scream
  7. Grandpa's Birthday / Road Trip
  8. Sid's Revenge / Roller Coaster
  9. The Aptitude Test / Oskar Gets a Job
  10. Arnold Betrays Iggy / Helga and the Nanny
  11. Career Day / Hey Harold!
  12. Best Man / Cool Party
  13. Arnold & Lila / Grand Prix
  14. Arnold's Thanksgiving
  15. Helga's Show / The Flood
  16. Phoebe Takes the Fall / The Pig War
  17. Crabby Author / Rich Kid
  18. Girl Trouble / School Dance
  19. School Play

Season 4

(Spring 1999-Winter 2000)
  1. Full Moon / Student Teacher
  2. Big Gino / Jamie O. In Love
  3. Eugene's Birthday / Stinky's Pumpkin
  4. The Beeper Queen / Oskar Can't Read?
  5. Dinner for Four / Phoebe Skips
  6. Helga's Parrot / Chocolate Turtles
  7. Love and Cheese / Weighing Harold
  8. Back to School / Egg Story
  9. It Girl / Deconstructing Arnold
  10. Grudge Match / Polishing Rhonda
  11. Weird Cousin / Baby Oskar
  12. Grandpa's Sister / Synchronized Swimming
  13. Helga Sleepwalks / Fighting Families
  14. Friday the 13th / Headless Cabbie
  15. Veterans Day
  16. Helga on the Couch (guest starring Kathy Baker as the psychiatrist Helga talks to)
  17. Dino Checks Out

Season 5

(Winter 2000-Late 2002)
  1. Monkeyman! / Buses, Bikes and Subways
  2. Helga's Masquerade / Mr. Green Runs
  3. Sid the Vampire Slayer / Big Sis
  4. Bag of Money / Principal Simmons
  5. New Bully on the Block / Phoebe Breaks a Leg
  6. Parents Day (explaining why Arnold doesn't have his parents around)
  7. Helga's Locket / Sid and Germs
  8. Suspended / Ernie in Love
  9. Summer Love (a.k.a. Beach Story)
  10. Stuck in a Tree / Rhonda Goes Broke
  11. Beaned / Old Iron Man
  12. Arnold Visits Arnie / Chocolate Boy
  13. Harold vs. Patty / Rich Guy
  14. Gerald's Game / Fishing Trip
  15. Married
  16. April Fool's Day
  17. On The Lam / Family Man
  18. The Racing Mule / Curly's Girl (this ep has an interesting story attached to it: The first time this ep was supposed to air was on October 11, 2002; by mistake, they started to air "Married" instead, and didn't catch the error until just after the second half started, when they switched to "Curly's Girl" just after it had started. Nickelodeon then decided to hold onto it for over a year, scheduling it for on November 19, 2003 - and they started "Married" again! After about six minutes, they switched to "The Racing Mule", and on January 11, 2004, the ep was finally aired in full for the very first time)
  19. The Journal (a one hour ep explaining about the story of Arnold's parents... it ended with him finding a map in the journal, as this was intended to be a lead-in into the planned 2nd movie that would deal with this)

Season 6

(January 2003-present)
  1. Timberly Loves Arnold / Eugene, Eugene!
  2. Ghost Bride / Gerald vs. Jamie O
  3. A Day In The Life Of A Classroom / Big Bob's Crisis (the latter being the final ep to have all of the Pataki family in it)

Remaining eps

  1. Grandpa's Packard / Phoebe's Little Problem (the only ep that remains to be aired in the states: Grandpa's car gets stolen, and Phoebe farts)

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