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People mover

A people mover is a fully-automated light rail system. The term usually implies an elevated single track loop, although several considerably more complex systems are in operation. People movers, especially multi-station systems intended for mass transit in a city, are more formally known as automated guideway transit (AGT) systems. This term is generally limited to rubber-tyred vehicles led by a guiding track; fully automated heavy rail lines, such as the Singapore MRT's North-East Line, are usually not considered AGTs.

The world's first airport people mover was installed in 1971 at Tampa International Airport in the United States. The VAL (Véhicule Automatique Léger) system in Lille, France, opened in 1983, is often cited as the world's first mass transit AGT, but the title is disputed by Kobe's Port Liner, which opened two years earlier in 1981. Lille's VAL is, however, acknowledged to be the first AGT installed to serve an existing urban area.


Many operate at airports, including: People mover can also refer to

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