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Skytrain is the name of (unrelated) metro systems in use in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Bangkok, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There is also a SkyTrain route in Toronto, Ontario (independent of Toronto's conventional metro system), and a single-track People Mover in Detroit, Michigan based on the same technology as Vancouver's. Skytrain is also the name of a monorail in Sydney, and a short monorail at Düsseldorf International Airport.

The SkyTrain system in Vancouver and Toronto uses light rail technology now owned by Bombardier. The trains are fully automated and can operate without a driver. SkyTrain was the first large-scale public transit system to make use of linear propulsion. It is not a maglev system, however: the train's weight is supported by the wheels even while in motion.

The technology, originally named the Intermediate Capacity Transit System (ICTS), was developed in the 1970s by the Urban Transit Development Corporation, a crown corporation of the Province of Ontario. In 1981, the province convinced the Toronto Transit Commission to use ICTS instead of older streetcar technology for a new route to serve the western Toronto suburb of Scarborough. The six-station Scarborough Rapid Transit line (or SRT) opened in 1985. The trains are partially automated, but do have drivers to address safety concerns.

The Bangkok system was originally projected to use the same technology (called Lavalin Skytrain), but it was cancelled in 1992 by 'political interference'. A second project was started based upon unrelated Siemens technology, but confusingly retained the name Skytrain. The first two Bangkok lines were opened in 1999.

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SkyTrain's main challengers are the VAL, and the more costly to operate but cheaper to install light rail tram.

Skytrain is also another name for the Douglas DC-3 aircraft, and was used as a marketing label by the ill-fated Laker Airways.