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Scarborough RT

The Scarborough RT is an ICTS (Intermediate Capacity Transit System) light rail system in eastern Toronto, Ontario, Canada that uses linear induction technology later used by Vancouver's Skytrain. It follows an upside-down L shape route northward from the Kennedy TTC subway stop to Ellesmere Rd, and eastward along Ellesmere through Scarborough Centre to McCowan.

The linear induction technology was developed by the Urban Transportation Development Corporation (UTDC) of Ontario, then a Crown corporation but now a division of Bombardier. The line had been planned for streetcars, but the UTDC system was substituted for conventional light rail to develop and promote a new technology that could then be sold to other transit companies. This idea has borne little fruit – sales have been made to Vancouver, Detroit, Ankara and Kuala Lumpur.

For a list of the stations on the RT line see the list of subway and RT stations in Toronto.