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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, also known as Sea-Tac Airport, is located in SeaTac, Washington, serving Seattle, Washington and Tacoma, Washington. The airport is a hub for Alaska Airlines and has the IATA Airport Code SEA.

The airport has service to other destinations within the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has 3 open concourses and 2 Satellite terminals. One concourse, Concourse A, is currently under reconstruction. It was the oldest section of the Airport. It is due to reopen along with expanded public spaces and better views in 2005.

On January 31, 2000, Alaska Airlines Flight 261, which was headed on a Puerto Vallarta, Mexico-San Francisco International Airport in Millbrae and San Bruno, California (near San Francisco)-Seattle-Tacoma Airport route, crashed into the Pacific Ocean, killing everyone on board.

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